CLUB PUNTA FUEGO: A Gastronomic Stay in Batangas

Batangas has foods and eateries that, when experienced, forever stays in memory. That includes the three gastronomic places at Club Punta Fuego.

Each of these restaurants features an exciting blend of ambiance, setting, and food complemented by an excellent wine selection from the most distinguished wine regions throughout the globe โ€” genuinely offering dining a particular highlight of each vacation.



San Diego is an outdoor restaurant – a dine with nature with the view of the infinity pool with a rousing breeze of the sea. Here they serve Spanish-Filipino cuisine, although there is also a touch of Asian and European influences.

Some of their specialties are delicious Filipino dishes, like bulalo, pakbet, and pancit.

IL JARDINETO –Italian Restaurant

Il Jardineto, located at the Lower Beach Club, their main specialty is pizza, pasta, and different Italian flavor. Itโ€™s also an outdoor dining experience facing the beautiful view of the pool, the mini golf area and the sea. Itโ€™s an excellent place for a midday bite or pre-dinner meal after swimming and water activities or a rounds of golf.

The restaurant also has a romantic and scenic ambiance particularly in the late evenings, with the lamps dangling from the branches of the trees lighting the rustic tables, plants, chairs and don’t forget the well prepared servings of Italian cuisines.

T&C LOUNGE –Traditions and Contradictions

The Traditions and Contradictions Bar and Lounge feature loads of booze and drinks such as wine and cocktails still more are your regular non-alcoholic smoothies, coffee, and fruit shake.

As for food, T&C has a variety of savory foods with Mediterranean and European influences, as well as sweet dessert choices.

Have a taste of the Spanish-Mediterranean inspired food that comes with a twist! It also serves as a lounge where you can for relax after a day of activities in the Club.


Address: Brgy. Balaytigue, Nasugbu, Batangas Philippines
Facebook: Club Punta Fuego
Contact No.:
+63-02-8438700 / +63-02-5844405

Next I’ll be sharing about our stay at Punta Fuego – the adventures and laugh I had with good friends!

Views and opinions are all from the author of EatsInThePh.

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