BALER FOODTRIP: Food Stops in Baler

We’re pretty sure some of you guys already went ‘Haler Baler’ one summer time. Riding the spontaneous waves of Baler is much of a thrill, and the only thing you would run after is either a good sleep or a delicious food.

Of course, without denial, our team would always go for the latter. 😀 We have gone to a recent food tour at Baler and discovered more places to dine! Regardless if you’re after a simple ‘karinderya’ or to a fancy dining experience. Here are 10 Food Haven in Baler you can visit on your next tour.

1. Kubli Bistro

Kubli Bistro is home for great ‘surfing’ stories and food. It has extensive selections of Filipino, Western, and Italian recipes. Everyone will enjoy the live acoustic band and open mic performing every night. Some of the best sellers are their All Meat Pizza and unique Pinoy take of favorite dishes like dinuguan, guisado, and sisig.



Operations: 4PM – 12AM
Address: Kubli Bistro, Alley 2, Baler, 3200 Aurora
Facebook: @KubliBistro

Contact No.:
0908 576 3505

2. Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay

Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay is perfect for a hungry group of tummy! This is a budget-friendly eat-all-you-can with a wide selection of food. But with that said, still, Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay is known for their grilled pork, seafood and chicken.

The dining area is facing the Pacific Ocean giving the broad space of the canteen a fresh air.



Operations: 10AM – 8PM
Address: Poblacion, Baler, Aurora
Facebook: @ChefGerrysPicnicBay
Contact No.:
0908 862 2944

3. Cobra Reef Resort

Cobra Reef Resort, what’s exceptional about this beach/buffet is their open view with access to the beach. There you can enjoy swimming and surfing, though the spot is not recommended for surfing neophytes but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching the surfers ride the waves.

The resort offers a special buffet menu upon request, and they are open for special events like wedding, reunions and company outings and retreat.


15.756575, 121.618406

Operations: N/A
Address: Baler-Cemento Via DicaloyBaler, Aurora
Facebook: @CobraReefResort
Contact No.:
0930 646 9438

4. Yellow Fin Bar & Grill

Yellow Fin Bar & Grill is an all-time favorite bar in the area of Buton. They have an occasional band in house, and if not, they play selected music that matches the crowd. The specialty of the house are grilled pork, chicken and seafoods to pair with cold beer and cocktails. Our favorite is their barbecue, perfectly marinated meat and sweet sauce.

If you want a chill resto bar vibes, this place is what you are looking for.



Operations: 4PM – 12AM
Address: Buton Street, Baler, Aurora
Facebook: @YellowFinBar
Contact No.: 0930 817 6683

5. Myrtle Park Baler

Myrtle Park, on the other hand, offers a youthful vibe and music which hooks and appeals to the younger crowd. How could you say no to a food/skate park? On top of that is their live bands and open mic events, colorful murals perfect for your next Instagram post. 

We appreciate the fact that they offer vegan food like salad and pako spring rolls. We suggest you try their Burgers and Wraps which are always top picks on the menu. Don’t forget their house blend cocktails fused with local ingredients like coconut rum and lambanog.


15.75829, 121.5688

Operations: 10AM – 12AM
Address: Buton St. Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
Contact No.:
0916 590 6255

6. Bay-ler View Restaurant

Bay-Ler View Restaurant is your perfect food-to-go after your surfing lesson. It’s located just across the stretch of bay-walk, you can enjoy fresh fruit shakes and all day breakfast like ham and egg, Hungarian sausage and the usual Silogs.

This place is perfect especially if you are just a spectator from your friends who are going to surf and swim. You can enjoy excellent grub while your friends enjoy their beach activities as well. A win-win situation right?  😀



Operations: 4PM – 12AM
Address: Buton St. Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
Facebook: @Bay-Ler View
Contact No.:
0919 286 3105

7. Boardwalk Restaurant

If you want a fancy dining place to eat still located beside the baywalk, Boardwalk Restaurant is another option.

This restaurant is air-conditioned and has comfortable seats. They serve a wide range of authentic Pinoy dishes like Pinakbet, Kare-Kare, and Lechon. For snacks they have fresh fruits and Suman de Baler, this is also a must on your next visit.



Operations: 4PM – 12AM
Address: Buton St, Baler, Aurora
Facebook: @BaysInnBaler
Contact No.:
0977 700 2088

8. Bike Kings Kitchen

Baler has always been a tourist attraction for its impressive waves as a surfing spot, but it is also regarded nowadays as a biking destination. This was the inspiration of Bike Kings Kitchen, founded by siblings who have a passion for bikes.  🙂

This place catches the interest of local tourists because of its name sounding like the favorite buffet restaurant ‘Vikings’. Bike Kings will not disappoint your cravings; they have generous servings good for sharing. Their Seafood Egg rolls are a must next to their sizzling platters.



Operations: 6AM – 9PM
Address: Aurora St, Poblacion, Baler, Aurora
Facebook: N/A
Contact No.:
0915 258 5518

9. Mumunsi Chocolate Cafe

If you want a sweet tooth satisfaction, Mumunsi Chocolate Cafe is your place. They have varied food selections whose primary ingredient is cacao. You shouldn’t miss their popular Tsokolate de batirol, and some other delicacy made fused with chocolate. Apart from palatable products, you can also buy an assortment of skin merchandise too.

In addition, they also showcase students and aspiring entrepreneurs how to turn their produce into income generating goods. You need to coordinate with the owner in advance if you want to visit their cafe with the inclusion of the said activity.



Operations: 4PM – 12AM
Address: Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora
Facebook: @MumunsiChocolate
Contact No.:

10. La Patricia Restauran

La Patricia Restaurant caters to a perfect mix of local and international flavors. They gained popularity from serving sumptuous all-day eat-all-you-can buffet at a very budget-friendly price.

Just a note, because of its popularity, most people are flocking this place for a try. You can call them ahead of time for reservations.



Operations: 9AM – 7PM
Address: Purok 3, Baler, Aurora
Facebook: @LaPatriciaBaler
Contact No.:
0908 819 0806

We will write about each restaurant on different blog post! Stay tuned! 😀


This food review was made possible by NLEX Travel, NLEX Corp., NPVB, Victory Liner, Genesis Transport Service Inc., PTT Station, Amazon Cafe, Jollibee, DOT Region 3 and Aurora Visitors Bureau for #LakbayNorte8.

Photos are credited to Mac Dillera courtesy of NPVB.

Views and opinions are all from the author of EatsInThePh.

©Eats In The Philippines

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