DENNIS COFFEE GARDEN: A Homey Tausug Merienda Place

dennis.pngA Zambo Homey Foodventure!

I identify with our comrades who deem the boisterous city life could be quite taxing. For such a time as this, we pine for a cozy, sublime nook we could retreat ourselves to. Dennis Coffee Garden is one such place. Not only does it boast high standards of quality chews but also advertise its modest and snug pervading mood.


Dennis Coffee Garden attests to the irrefutable inventive and managerial aptitude of Ubbaisa Ahalul, who, despite the lack of formal orientation then, managed to prop the business from its humble beginnings  in Jolo, Sulu from way back  1962,  to its full potential and fast forward to today, as the shop has now become a renowned first-rate bistro in Zamboanga, with her grandchildren taking over the supervision of the cafe run.

The restaurant’s exterior facade, which resembles that of a residential home.

Along with the patio for dining are function rooms for various activities that accommodate  locals and travelers alike–all adorned with art pieces and handiwork. It also rests within the airport vicinity, making it conveniently accessible to jetsetters.

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With these, Dennis Coffee Garden lives up to its paramount aims:  To foster social involvement among the community and cultivate cultural legacy.


View from the upper interior surface giving us a peek of the relics and items of cultural and historical interest.

Dennis Coffee Garden  offers a culled selection of authentic Sulu cuisine, from meat entrees like  Beef Kulma (a beef curry dish), Chicken Pianggang (grilled chicken meat in coconut milk), and Tiula Itum (goat soup stew); to native pastries which could be served A La Carte or as a course on a platter locally known as Bangbang.

Some Bangbang bits served ala carte as pictured. Delicacies included in Bangbang are typical in special affairs.
Daral, a staple Bangbang  component, is a thin pancake roll with sweetened coconut stuffing.
Putlimandhi are ball-shaped rice cakes rolled in shredded coconut meat.
Pastil is a deep-fried empanada dough with rice noodles fillers.
Rounding off the roster of must-tries is of course, the Dennis Coffee Garden experience requisite: The Kahawa Sug. The shop flaunts brewing  its high-caliber Robusta coffee beans since ‘62.

Why wait for special affairs when you can barge in,  fancy Dennis Coffee Garden and see why it banks on its bounty of  goodish vibe, well-curated food roll, and overall promise?



Facebook: Dennis Coffee Garden
Type: Moro Cuisine, Filipino Fusion
Address: San Jose Road, 7000 Zamboanga City
Contact Number: (062) 957 1131
GPS Coordinates: 6.9182301, 122.0568466
Operational Hours: Mon – Thu, Sun: 09:00 – 23:00, Fri – Sat: 09:00 – 00:00


This tour is hosted by TPB Phils. former PCVC in cooperation with iTravel Tourist Lane, but views and opinions are all from the author of EatsInThePh.

©Eats In The Philippines


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