Zugba Grill: Experience Ihaw at Kamayan at Gapo!

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The Best Seafood Cuisine of Visayas;
First turo mo, luto ko in Olongapo

Have you ever wanted to just go berserk on eating? Just throw the utensils and dive in bare hands, glut on whatever is served? Zugba Grill in Olongapo will let you have all the freedom to enjoy their bucket and platters!

A three hour drive from Manila, in the city of Olongapo is home for this famed eatery. Known for their heirloom dishes of ihaw-ihaw and seafood bucket, this Visayan food stop is becoming a favorite of many food tripper around the place.

Located at No. 11 Afable St, Olongapo City, Zambales

It all started out of passion of the owner’s grandparents for cooking, which at first serves only the family during special gatherings and reunions. After time, the recipe was transferred and was kept through the family’s generation.

Later on, Amanda one of the grandchildren felt a regret if they will just keep a very good recipe just for their family. She thought of sharing the love and passion of her Grandparents through their heirloom dishes to be enjoyed by many and have its legacy live to more years; by then, year 2016 Zugba Grill was established. (That’s a quick and brief background check whew*)

Zugba Grill the first, “Turo Mo, Ihaw Ko!” restaurant in Olongapo

They kept the idea of native Visayans culture referring to local eateries or “karinderya”,  which serves and dine on the comfort of the busy streets. The place is actually their ancestral home, they setup tables on their garage that can accommodate up to 2-3 person, and 6-10 for a group. All in, the eatery can sit up to 50-80 guests!

They put up colorful mural designs, and lightings that gives a festive feel, giving you that province feel during your stay.

The place is perfectly located inside Afable St., vehicles passing by is very minimal.

Since they celebrated their first anniversary this year, the owners decided to open this part of the restaurant. People can now, enjoy their food inside an air conditioned room to cater those who want to have a more private dinner experience.

Newly renovated, air conditioned room is ready to accommodate more people!

Starting up with these platters.

“Barato Bai Plato” which also means, Cheap & Friendly Platters are favorite of students!

Their best seller is Mixed Platter, with only 120Php you already have Pork and Chicken BBQ, Red Egg, Chalada, Rice and a drink. (Your choice, Ice Tea or Cucumber)

Mixed Platter @ 120Php: Chicken and Pork BBQ + Red Egg + Chalad + Rice + Drink

They also serve other budget wise platters:

  • Chicken Inato Platter @ 80Php
  • Pork BBQ Combo @ 90Php
  • Sorizo BBQ Combo @ 60Php
  • Tuna Belly Combo @ 150Php
  • T-Bone Steak Combo @ 200Php
  • Shrimp Platter @ 250Php
  • Crab Platter @ 350Php
  • Mixed Seafood Platter @ 399


This is a “Bilao” mix of different BBQ Sticks order!

Single Orders:

  • Pork @ 35Php
  • Hotdog @ 50Php
  • Chicken Inasal @ 50Php
  • Liver @ 35Php
  • Sorizo @ 35Php
  • Tenga @ 35Php


Squid | Adobong Pusit, grilled and stuffed. 

What I like about this grilled “pusit” (squid) is its stuffed chalada, it gives a balanced flavor to the special sauce and add up a bit of lemon juice to give it a little spike. (If you want.) But yes, it tastes really good!

Adobong Pusit @ 150Php

Bangus Tinoa |  Grilled Pan Fry Steak, Sinigang, Tinoa (Tinola).

It’s the first time we heard of “Sinigang Tinoa” which is Sinigang Tinola for Visayans, it is gently soured using “tanglad” (lemongrass) for that light fish taste and flavorful broth. (Yummeh!)

Last but definitely not the least is their Seafood Bucket!


Mix In The City | Seafood Bucket: Crabs, Mussels, Shrimp with Zugba special sauce.

They serve it on a bucket stuffed with all the seafood selections!

Their Seafood Bucket is simmered with Zugba special sauce. The crabs, shrimps and mussels soup all in one, makes this dish superb!

Mix In The City / Seafood Bucket @ 750Php already good for 4 person

The serving is huge, it is already good for 3-5 person, depending on how much you can get. Well for me, I can only share this with my 2 friends. (bitin na po kapag 3-4 friends pa) 😀

You can’t blame why Amanda, the owner wanted to share these to people. Surely when you try their dishes, you’d feel the love and that luto-ni-lola feeling which is all familiar with us, that always warm our soul and heart && tummy.

Until Next Foodventure! Thanks to my friends who came along to help me finish all the food!




Facebook: Zugba Grill
Type: Pinoy Visayan Grill
Address: 11 Afable St, Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines
Contact Number: 0916 582 8999
GPS Coordinates: 14.839553,120.2833743
Operational Hours: Wednesdays – Mondays 5:00PM – 11:00PM


This is a hosted dinner, but views and opinions are all from the author of EatsInThePh.

©Eats In The Philippines

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