The Wander Space: A Wanderful Stay


This space at Maginhawa is saying Hi to you!

Later on our trip at the Tagaytay Taal Vista Hotel we went straight to Maginhawa Quezon City, to visit this impressive place called The Wander Space.

I became curious when our tour master Carla aka Blissful Guro mentioned to us about this place, she described it as a traveler’s hub cafe. I began to expect a cafe with maps and different murals display of places (assumed that the owner is a traveler and posted are his travel adventures), but to my surprise it is more than what I thought.

The Wander Space!

You see? Wander Space is like a “co-space” for different startup entrepreneur, who wants to have home for their products, a home where they can display their stuffs for sale.

Composed of almost more than forty unique product brands, this cafe stood out as another go-to-go for all the millennials alike.

There were a bunch of people when we got there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Though they are not connected, I see this place familiar with Common Room PH., which I also enjoy. What makes them different is that while Common Room has arts and homemade crafts, Wander Space is a craft shops and lifestyle stores; they have broadย  selections of goodies from shirts, bags, specially stuffs for someone who loves travel. And more? They have this Wander Space Cafe. ๐Ÿ™‚

Upcycling Beer Bottles: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

From shampoo with funny names and after-poop spray. LOL* You say it. This store has all the unexpected items you would not find in any stores. (Don’t be duped by their names, these bottled scents really smell good.)

(This) smells so good… like an asshole. (translated)
Creative Canva Bags from Moon and Dreams

We are glad of this concept of The Wander Space, where we put up a venue for local creative people to exhibit their arts and earn monetary value from it. Like these framed calligraphy, this only costs 100Php – 250Php depending size of frame.

Simple Framed Calligraphy Art.

This cafe is never short of art, if you want to be inspired working and do usual doodle, calligraphy or even your thesis. This is a good place for you. Visit them from Tuesday to Sunday from 1:00pm to 10:00pm.

Cord Keeper from The Wander Space is perfect for laptop wires and cellphone chargers. ๐Ÿ™‚

In order to serve the community to hone their artsy skills, they do workshops and training. Some of their classes involve, calligraphy, creative composition and photography.

Visit their Official Facebook page for their latest update.


Wander Space Family:

These are list of brands that gives color to this wanderful shop!

  • 1372 Designs
  • Apposite Design
  • Armed 550
  • Atelier MRKNA
  • Backburn
  • Beneath the Juniper Tree
  • Beyond Reverie
  • Black Bough Swim
  • Bronco Phils
  • CN Paper Crafts
  • Craftinker
  • Cristal Glass Project
  • Cuesee Creations
  • Daydream Republic
  • Deja Poo by Keeva Essentials
  • EULS
  • Faith Hope Love
  • Fandom Feels
  • Ferry Writes
  • Fine Time Studios
  • Greyeshpm
  • Handmade Lemonade
  • Happy Poppy
  • Headware
  • Heartfelt Stitches & Dreams
  • How Toteful
  • Hull & Stern
  • Jacklyn’s Art
  • Jeannie’s
  • Just Go
  • KAS Creativity
  • Lagu
  • Lemon Wear
  • Lemonilla
  • Light + Lithe
  • Likhaeria
  • Locale Magazine
  • Made by KCA
  • Maikala
  • Marz Today
  • Merrie Pink
  • Moon & Dreams
  • Nifty PH
  • Olivanne
  • Paper Shoot PH
  • Patti Daggi
  • Pmella
  • Project Blessed
  • Pundesal
  • Raqsified
  • Rosie’s
  • Sab Diegor
  • Sarah’s Home
  • Sha Erandio
  • Shop Nikita
  • Sockeroos
  • Spoiled by Oils
  • Steep Coffee
  • Sticks and Tones
  • String Strand Strung
  • The Film Traveler
  • Tienda Wabas
  • Wiggly Line

Aside from their store, as I mentioned. They also have a cute cafe where they serve very good menu! I mean really good. In fact I will write it on a separate story. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway.

Wanderful Team of The Wander Space

Even if we just stayed for a limited time, still it was a great time! Thanks guys! ๐Ÿ˜€



Facebook:ย The Wander Space Store & Cafe
Type:ย Crafts and Lifestyle Store Cafe
Address: #80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village East,ย Quezon City
Contact Number: +6322857453
GPS Coordinates: 14.64665, 121.058
Operational Hours: Tues – Sun 1:00PM – 10:00PM


This is a hosted trip, but the views and opinions are all from the author of EatsInThePh.

ยฉEats In The Philippines

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