Sugar & Dice Ph.: First Board Game Cafe in Olongapo


Sugar, Dice and Everything Nice!

We all know that waiting for your orders in a cafe takes a quite a little of time and which easily bore us out. Have you tried playing a card game or any pocket board game in a restaurant and was asked to put it away cause you and your friends are getting lost in all the excitement it brings?

Don’t worry cause we’ve been there. (Kept the cards and board game back to our pouch and cries in the corner… lol*) Whether it is to just kill time while waiting for your order or just a stress reliever, we all need a bout or two.

Don’t be sad, cause this new board game cafe in Olongapo gives you the freedom to play, rest and eat! (Yay)

The first of its kind in the City, a place where you’re free to play board games, Jengga, UNO Cards and eat at the same time! Welcome to Sugar and Dice Ph. 🙂


You will be greeted by this huge Snakes and Ladders display at the entrance of the cafe. Though it is not for actual playing, it is the crowd’s favorite spot for an instagram-worthy shots.

Snakes and Ladders Display
Books on their shelves are not just for display, but is free to use.

What we like about this cafe is it breaks the conventional type of eateries in Olongapo City, not yet perfect, but from time to time you can see improvements to their service, dishes and designs. 🙂

Other Card games like, Monopoly Deal, Solitaires and Scrabble.

The place is easy to find, it is located at the back of the Olongapo Victory Liner station a few walks, near the main Rd. going to Kalaklan.

Interiors of the Cafe are made fun with Doodles and Writings about Foodsparations!
Look at that tall Jengga!
Can you keep it from falling, to add the thrill of challenge have a bottle of beer while playing.


Most of their menu is affordable and budget friendly, imagine all their A la Carte cost only 99Php each. The large Pink Lemonade glass costs 50Php. It is another reason why most of their visitors are students who goes by batch and friends who wants to go for a celebration on a tight budget. (But we assure you, their foods are tasty and good.)

Workers and young professionals are also fond of hanging on this place. 🙂

Sugar & Dice Ph.: Affordable Meals @ 99Php

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They also have this giant Tic-Tac-Toe which you can also play with while having a good potato fries and drinks. 🙂

Surprisingly big mugs of serving for Iced Teas and Hot Choco. We love how they separately serve the sugar and milk, with that you can put just the right amount according to your taste. 🙂

Another favorite of the house is their Checkered Board Clubhouse. 🙂

SWEET DESSERTS: All their cookies and cupcakes are home baked.


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Facebook: Sugar & Dice Ph.
Type: Pinoy Food / Student Friendly
Address: Unit 5 2F MCC Bldg. #21 Brill St. West Bajac Bajac, Olongapo City
Contact Number: 0999 994 6353
GPS Coordinates: 14.8383, 120.2819
Operational Hours: Mon – Sun 3:00PM – 12:00AM


This is a personal trip, views and opinions are all from the author of EatsInThePh.

©Eats In The Philippines

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