The Cafe Balooga 16th Anniversary



The Cafe Balooga, one of Olongapo’s original hangout places, just celebrated its “coming of age” anniversary last August 19, 2017.

We are happy and excited to cover this event, for we consider it our camp in the city.


Many thanks Cafe Balooga! Anyway, let’s start the recap! 😀


It’s been 16 years of good beer and rowdy sound, established during the time when Olongapo was hailed as “The Rock Capital of the Philippines”, where underground music were well hosted on each corner of the city.

Facade and entrance of Cafe Balooga, during the celebration of their 16th anniversary.
Facade and entrance of The Cafe Balooga

Some bar and restaurant well known in those period are Club Edge, Brews and of course Cafe Balooga. It was a noted spot for gigs and bands visiting from Manila and other places of the Philippines.

Years passed, and the days of “rebel gigs” subdued, yet they retained the subterranean ambiance and it remained home for people who want to get together.

Black and Rustic is the main theme of the place. 
A little trivia, “Balooga” also mean dark, so you can also call the place, “Dark Cafe”.

A little trivia, “Balooga” also mean dark, so you can also call the place, “Dark Cafe”.

The space is separated into two areas, the main dining is what you’ll see when you enter the place, air conditioned and with monitor setups. While the other is an open expanse with a live band playing during the weekends.


As the night of celebration promised, house very own Light Wall Band set out the party with their R&B and soulful piece.

Olongapo’s Light Wall Band

The night is still young yet the place is already jammed. A lot of people made a table reservation ahead of time, people who just walked in are forced to stand yet they still managed to enjoy the mood of the party.

Spotted Mel Martinez, a movie and TV actor celebrating with the rest of the gang.
You’ll know a place is “home” when you hear people expressing joy and sharing stories as if they’re the only people in the room. 😀

More people enjoying the night of celebration. 🙂

Good Food | Good Friends | Good Times

To add up the fun, an every hour, free shots is served at the bar! Wohooo!

Thanks to Jack Daniel’s and our barista guy Russel!

Rusell, preparing the next batch of “Free Shots”.
FREE SHOTS! : Jack-Cola, Tequila, and Vodka.

Another featured artist is the PDA Band all the way from Baguio City! Sure do, the crowd love their RNB-ish and Reggae OPM cover. Chuck, lead singer of the band is fun to be with, and I’m sure the rest of the guys too.

PDA Band of Baguio City

People enjoyed hanging out over a beer and good music served by the guest band. Adding effect and drama is their tree covered with lantern lights.

Quality chill time w/ homies!


Dishes served at the Cafe also mount into a whole new level. Sharing some of the tried and tasted dishes of the night.

These are their famous appetizer choices that are perfect with their bucket of beer, Tofu, Nachos Plate, and Chips!


The price is actually fair enough to the sizes and serving of each dish, and with the taste!? You’re getting way beyond what you paid for.


One of the dishes Cafe Balooga has to serve is their All Meat Parollo @ 410Php.

What we like about this Pizza is the fun experience of wrapping along with it. Each serving comes with Alfalfa and Arugula, which you will wrap using the soft crust pizza.



To top it off, TCB requested their favorite artist singer Meg Fernandez, who always gets an invite during special TCB special events and gigs.

Meg Fernandez, a recording artist who also did an opening act at the Taylor Swift concert in Manila back in 2014 also favored the night.

Together with Chuck of PDA Band they sang “The Closer I Get To You” by Flack and Donny Hathaway, followed by “My Boo” by Usher and Alicia Keys, and “Twisted” by Keith Sweat.

Chuck of PDA Band with Meg Fernandez.
PDA Band enjoying their sumptuous dinner inside the main dine cafe of TCB.

The Cafe Balooga stands on their word and heart, they are committed on serving good food and music, to create good memories and times treasured with friends!

Again, Happy 16th Year Anniversary The Cafe Balooga of Olongapo City. 🙂



Facebook: The Cafe Balooga
Type: Western Fusion
Address: 60 Gordon Avenue New Asinan, Olongapo City
Contact Number: 602 3453
GPS Coordinates: 14.8284998, 120.2860031
Operational Hours: Mon – Sun 4PM – 2AM


Special thanks to Mike & Cel Salas owner of Cafe Balooga, Booley dining officer, Anna Gopez kitchen manager, Jay Gorospe head chef, and the rest of The Cafe Balooga staff who made this night a blast!

Click here for the Official FB Page of  The Cafe Balooga.

©Eats In The Philippines

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  1. I didn’t know Olangapo was the Rock Capital of the Philippines! Looks fun in there. I’ve been seeing that wrap pizza all over the north. Alfalfa’s all the rage, it seems. Hehe. Take me here, Mujee! And awesome job on this spankin’ website!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. muj gonzales says:

      Yup! It was those years when there are gigs everywhere, and every other day. Hahaha! All people are on black shirt and emo hair. Will bring you guys here soon! Thanks Celine! 🙂


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