Cafe Cueva: A Hidden Treasure In A Magnificent Rubble


Ili Likha’s Cafe Cueva!

They say, there’s always beauty underneath the ashes, a rainbow after rain, and you can always find silver lining behind all the dark clouds. (I’m getting emotional now.) tears*

But seriously, this next restaurant is fit to describe as a hidden treasure in a magnificent rubble. 😀

Ili Likha under renovation. Taken 8/19/2017 🙂


Ili Likha is an Artisan Village founded to honor the trees and the ethnic culture of the Cordillera. Founded by the renowned revolutionist and director Eric De Guia also known as Kidlat Tahimik.

Not just an Artsy place but also a food hub, it became a prominent place for healthy buff people, everyone in the community supports the use of organic and local ingredients of Baguio City.

View from the garden inside, looking at some food hub inside Ili Likha.
Stares at the entrance of the Village.


Once you get in the corner of this “Cueva” you will notice the set of fruits they serve to the guest, apple, mango and strawberries, these are used for shakes and can also be served as it is. (Just ask for it.) Hehe


They have unique set of dishes to offer but we made our top personal favorites. 🙂

TOP 5 Eats at Cafe Cueva!


Pinuneg: Blood Sausage 

Eat like Count Dracula! LOL*

If you are up for an exotic challenge, you should not miss their “Pinuneg“! It is a blood sausage, a native delicacy of the Ibaloys. It is a pig blood with spices served with a special garlic sauce.

At first we hesitate of trying it, for we worry about upsetting our appetite, which we can’t afford during a food crawl. It took as awhile to be convinced of digging it. So we grabbed the veggies and yogurt sauce, and tried it for the first time.

Moment of truth… WE LOVE IT! (We actually asked if we can take the rest of it home.) ^^’


Grilled Porkchop w/ Salsa @ Single95/ Duo190/ Group380

We can never go wrong for rating this grilled porkchop 10! You see, we all have this common criteria for a good grilled pork:

  1. It should be tender enough to chew and enjoy.
  2. The taste of good sauce. (BIG Factor)
  3. How it was grilled in perfection. #welldone

These, basically are the common things we look for our grilled meat. AND these are also the reason why you should go for Cafe Cueva’s Grilled Porkchop. 😎


Kini Ing Wrap @ 150

What we like special about this Wrap is their Chavata Bread. Though it is usually served with Gluten Free Pita, going for it with a different take is a good experience.

The bread was portioned right to counter the Cordilleran salted meat. The veggies, tomato, cucumber and sauce gives a fresh taste of Baguio. #greenhearthealthy 😀


Tuna Crepe @ 150

This thin pastry  crepe, prop with tuna and egg are good for pica-pica. Served already in in two wrap, this is perfect for sharing. I know we’re a bit biased on this, but adding lettuce, arugula and anything green in our food will already make us happy.

The taste is subtle yet made special by the sauce. What kind of Saucery is this!? 


Tinapa(Smoked Fish) Rice @ Single65/Duo130/Group260 

This Chao Fan, Tinapa Rice is extra special for us; maybe not because of its taste. Don’t get us wrong, we love it! It is tinapa for sake, almost all Filipino wants tinapa! LOL* That’s three straight use of Tinapa in a graph! HAHAHA Tinapa! Make it four! 😛

Our point is, this dish is already part of our culture. Every Filipino, once had this on their table, on a breakfast gathering, or a usual special request from balikbayan family. But now, because of all the fast foods and instant noodles, we are loosing these healthy dishes on plate. 😐

The very reason why we love this Tinapa Rice at Cafe Cueva. It is refreshing to see restaurants to pick and use local dishes like this to be served on their menu. Giving it a new twist while retaining the taste and authenticity is truly noble. 😎 Clap* Clap* Clap*

Are we clear? Haha. Seriously! This Chao Fan is a go-get-food, topped with salted egg, tomatoes, and onions. Your Pinoy taste buds will sure explode. 😮

Owner of Cafe Cueva sharing her heart about Original Pinoy Dishes. 



Facebook: Ili Likha’s Cafe Cueva
Type: Original Pinoy & Western Organic Food
Address: #32 Ili Likha Artist Community, Assumption Road, Baguio City
Contact Number: 0995 487 5361
GPS Coordinates: 16.4140713975, 120.5974472775
Operational Hours: Mon – Sun 7:30AM – 9PM


Baguio Food Crawl 2017 was made possible by The Other Bloggers in partnership with all the participating restaurants.

©Eats In The Philippines


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