The Coffee Library: Caffeine Rush and Pho Bo Lush


The Coffee Library

If you’re a fan of rustic themed cafe, The Coffee Library is your place chill and fill.

Entrance of The Coffee Library

Situated at a distant building away from the loud tourists, this restaurant is perfect for “Me Time”, or even for group study.

It is located at the ground floor of Rex Hall Student Residence near Saint Louis University for these reasons; most of their guests are students, hippies and young professionals.

Note: Complete address at the end of this blog.

The place is curated with very warm design, composed of bricks and fine furnished woods. Table setups can accommodate two to four persons; long tables are available good for group and family, more? They are giving the WiFi password to whoever needs it. (Yay!)

Asian fusion is the forte of The Coffee Library, from Vietnam’s Spring Rolls and Pho Bo, Italian Coffee and Filipino fame dishes.

Vietnamese Noodles [Pho Bo] w/ Sriracha and Oyster sauce
I’ll have to start with their Pho Bo. Definitely a take down and a must try on your next visit to Baguio. I have tried a lot of Pho from different restaurant, but sure do The Coffee Library’s take on this dish will get itself on your top list. 😀

Also their Spring Rolls, their home made sticky rice wrapper is something new for me. Tastes good with their special mix of spicy sauce dip that goes on the side.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls [Cha Gio]
Rice paper, Ground Pork, Shrimp, Mushroom and Parmesan
Their Kare-Kare (Beef Stew) is commendable, usually the quality of anchovies and how it was prepared gives a big say on the whole dish. This one never failed my standards for this dish.

Famous Pinoy Kare-Kare (Beef Stew)

Next is TCL Cheese Burger, made from 100% pure grilled beef patty (yup, no extenders), cheese, onion, tomato and greens. What made this burger extra special is how I made my version of it, I took lots of their fries on the side and put it on the burger and spread more tomato ketchup. Voila! Yummeh!

TCL Cheese Burger

Aside from the Phos and Burger, if you’re a fan of spicy chicken, they have Buffalo Wings! I am personally challenge with the stickiness of this one, but hey, once you tried it, I bet you would feel the same and would say, “There’s no turning back!” Haha

It has good and enough spice of chilly which is good for sharing, perfect with the blue cheese dip that goes with it.

Buffalo Wings: Special Homemade Sauce w/ Blue Cheese dip

It would be obvious from their name that good coffee are served here. A wide variety of coffees from Turkish, Italian, and Vietnamese. If you’re reducing your caffein in take and opt for a sweet treat, try their cold drinks and the all time Pinoy pride, Halo-halo!

Iced Tea Drinks and Halo-halo!

Over all, The Coffee Library is a big check! Perfect place for family and friends, and the rustic interiors plus their diverse menu, selections of hot and cold drinks, this place is a sure place to go back.



Facebook: The Coffee Library
Type: Famous Asian Cuisine
Address: Rex Hall, Upper Bonifacio St., Baguio City
Contact Number: 0917 503 7962
GPS Coordinates: 16.413293410423, 120.5992386731
Operational Hours: Mon – Sat 9AM – 11PM


Baguio Food Crawl 2017 was made possible by The Other Bloggers in partnership with all the participating restaurants.

©Eats In The Philippines

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  1. Homaygad PHOOOOOO!!! How’s the price, Muj? Pricey ba or sakli lang?


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