Baguio Food Crawl 2017!

We eat therefore, we hunt… good restaurants around.

Eats In The Philippines went to The City of Pines last April 8-9, 2017 to meet with The Other Bloggers, a group of millennial media and writers who love to junk over travels and gastronomic experiences!

As they pioneer and build this new community in Baguio, they come up with their first event.

Here’s the video teaser of Baguio Food Crawl 2017.

Here are some of our group pictures we have, be it and testify all the fun and adventures we have for two days.

The Gossip Coffee Shop!
The Kitchen Baguio
Ili Likha’s Cafe Cueva
Tangay Tangay Restaurant
The Session Gallery
The Coffee Library


Will share all the restaurant we’ve been for the whole two days! #foodcomaisreal


Baguio Food Crawl 2017 was made possible by The Other Bloggers in partnership with all the participating restaurants.

Photo Credits: Go Pro by AiDz

©Eats In The Philippines




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