Pangasinan Food Crawl 2017!

I’ve been to a lot of events before, but it’s my first to attend this kind. Eats In The Philippines was invited by The Norte Bloggers for Pangasinan Food Crawl event last March 17 -18, 2017.

I honestly have no idea about it, like is this where we eat a lot and then go home crawling chuck-full of foods? Better yet, I went to ask my friend Mr.Google for some background and any advice I could get on what to do on a Food Crawl. LOL*

As I read through the what-about of it, I already knew that I should give this a go. (The fat kid inside [excuse me Erwan] is shouting to say yes!) So I heed to the call and said yes, yes to all the two day adventure with The Norte Bloggers.

There are almost fifteen (15) restaurant who participated for this year’s event. The organizers set the itinerary for two days, sad to say that I can only stay for one day, I need to go Manila to attend a scheduled concert. (My friends already had the tickets even before the Food Crawl invitation was sent to me. [Hard to say no to them.])

But still, it was a fun experience. These are the list of hotels on the first day of the event.

Participating Restaurants

Here are some of the group photos we had along with restaurant owners. 🙂

Panaderia Antonio Bakery and Restaurant
New Leaf Japanese Restaurant
Cafe La Tea Pangasinan


I will share stories of each restaurants we went to. For now you can visit our FB page Eats In The Philippines for food photos of some of the restaurants, find albums with labels “PANGASINAN |”. Or visit our summarized stories of the trip with GotoPhilippines here: PANGASINAN: Embracing the Western Cuisines.

We’ll be posting each restaurant stories soon. 🙂


Pangasinan Food Crawl 2017 was made possible by Shareable Inc. in partnership with the The Norte Bloggers, and all the participating restaurants.

Photo by Enrique Cayago for Norte Bloggers

©Eats In The Philippines

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